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Started in 1975, Air Plenum is America’s leading provider of mission-critical cleaning and sealing services for data centers, server, computer and telecom rooms.


Dust is harmful to computer equipment, causing problems that include unwanted thermal buildup, failure of fan motors and other critical components, and fouling the sensors in smoke detection systems.


Cracks and openings in the walls below the floor and above the ceiling will rob your data center of valuable operating efficiency and can pose fire and smoke penetration risks.


Beside the obvious performance and safety benefits of running a pristine data center, proper and effective dust remediation and sealing of all open wall penetrations will yield substantial economic benefits.


Beginning with a rigorous study of your data center’s vital “invisible” spaces below your raised floor panels and above your suspended ceilings, our experts will locate problem areas and provide the cost-effective solutions that will keep your operation up and running with the reliability you and your customers expect.


For more information about our services for data centers, or to learn about an Air Plenum Data Center Study of your facility, please explore our website and contact us.

Air Plenum, America’s Data Center Cleaning and Sealing Specialists

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